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Dear clients, partners and colleagues,

In 2014, NS Bank celebrated its twentieth anniversary. Over the past years the Bank has travelled a long way and created the efficient business structure. NS Bank has succeeded not only to save its positions in the national banking sector but also to leave behind its competitors in the number of indicators, demonstrating substantial growth and the reputation of a highly reliable credit institution.

The Bank actively participates in the economy development, offering its services to the enterprises in different sectors of the national economy, strengthens its positions in the market of banking services for private customers. New products and services are being introduced that give the Bank competitive advantages. The Bank offers the highest quality of service to its customers. Our business is based on three key principles – efficiency, reliability and technological effectiveness.

Being ahead of the demand, implementing the most daring ideas in our new services and approaches - that’s what characterizes the Bank’s activity. The Bank’s mission stays unchangeable: NS Bank is a special bank. It does not simply render banking services to its customers. It helps people find the best financial instruments and products to bring their plans to life. We find and implement solutions which are optimal for every particular customer and beneficial for NS Bank. We create new opportunities for the customers and partners, shareholders and investors, Bank’s employees and hence to Russia. Our customers, their needs, goals and objectives are the basis of the entire Bank’s activity.

The effectiveness of the Bank’s activity has been confirmed by the Moody’s Investors Service international rating agency and leading Russian rating agencies. The Moody’s agency has rated the Bank on a global scale as follows: B3/NP/Е+ (stable outlook). The Bank has also Russia’s credit ratings: according to Moody’s Interfax Rating Agency, “A+” (very high level of solvency, stable outlook) according to the RA Expert Agency, “AA-“ (very high level of solvency, third level) according to the National Rating Agency.

The Bank network consists of 22 sales offices, including 11 offices in Moscow and also branches and offices in Saint Petersburg, Veliky Novgorod, Nizhny Novgorod, Ivanovo, Tula, Dmitrov, Krasnogorsk, Kotelniki. We improve the customers service network applying more widely the latest technological solutions and electronic fund transfer systems. In accordance with the state of the market and banking sector development particularities, the Bank actively uses bank e-services optimizing its activity in the operations areas.

The creative activity of the Bank workforce is the basis of our successful work. The team of professionals makes it possible to solve hardest problems and meet the heightened requirements imposed on the banking sector of economy. The conservative policy of the Bank with respect to its own and customer-related assets ensures safeguard and accrual of customer funds.

The Bank pays considerable attention to a service level. Vigorous efforts to automate business processes allow for significant reduction in time costs of performing customer service operations. Particular emphasis is put on the efficiency of banking operations and development of the remote banking (RB) system.

NS Bank is going to further strengthen its positions in the Russian banking services market and achieve higher financial and operational indicators corresponding to the level of high-proficient universal financial institutions. Establishment of a strong financial institution able to compete with the leading banks of Russia is among our strategic goals.

The dynamic development of the Bank would be impossible without the support on the part of its customers, shareholders and partners. We appreciate your confidence and hope that our cooperation will be still more effective and mutually advantageous in the future.

Yury Petrov
President, Chairman of the Board of Directors

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