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Dear clients, partners and colleagues!

NS Bank has successfully worked in the Russian financial facilities market for 19 years. We actively participate in Russia’s economy development, offering our services to different industrial sectors. The Bank offers a full range of up-to-date banking services, introducing information technologies innovations and new customer services.

NS Bank team consists of the experienced professionals, who have worked for many years in the Russian banking system. Due to their successful work the Bank has always found viable financial solutions for its clients, employing sometimes a creative approach to the customers. Our business is based on three key principals: efficiency, reliability and technological effectiveness. The Bank grows rapidly, constantly and has significantly improved its position in the Russia’s Top-100 leading banks.

We owe much of our success to our clients. Serious attitude towards the quality of customer service, being ahead of the demand, drawing on the most daring ideas to our new services and approaches development - that’s what characterizes the Bank’s work. The Bank’s mission stays unchangeable: NS Bank is a special bank. It does not simply render banking services to its customers. The bank’s professional employees help the clients find the best financial instruments and products to bring their plans to life.

Yury Petrov
President, Chairman of the Board of Directors

We find and implement solutions which are optimal for every particular customer and beneficial for the NS Bank. We create new opportunities for the clients and partners, for shareholders and investors, for Bank’s employees and thus to Russia. Our clients, their needs, goals and objectives are the basis of the Bank’s work.

The Bank’s activity efficiency is confirmed by the Moody’s Investors Service international rating agency and the leading Russian rating agencies. The Moody’s agency rates the Bank as the following on a global scale: E+ as financial stability rating; B3 as the long-term deposit rating in foreign and national currencies; Not-Prime as a short-term deposit rating in foreign and national currencies. Alongside with that the Moody's Interfax Rating Agency assigned a long-term rate of “Baa3.ru” on the national scale to the Bank.

The Bank has also the following Russian credit ratings: “A+” (very high credit scoring according to the Expert RA agency), “AA-” (Very high credit quality to the NRA, the third level).

The Bank’s client base is growing rapidly. The Bank’s network enlargement in Moscow and other economically developed regions helps that a lot. The network consists of 21 sales offices in Moscow, Saint Petersburgh, Veliky Novgorod, Nizhny Novgorod, Ivanovo, Tula, Dmitrov, Krasnogorsk, Kotelniki and so on. We have serious plans for the further network enlargement. The Bank aims to draw the offices as near to the clients as it’s possible and make its services more available.

In 2014 the Bank is keeping to the business-strategy adopted last year. We extend our work with small and medium enterprise and continue strengthening our position at the private clients banking services market. We will introduce new products and offer our clients new hi-tech and the best-quality services more actively and intensively. We still have the formation of a strong and competitive financial institution as our key strategic goal.

Our Bank’s orderly and dynamic development has become possible due to the professionalism and creativity of our managers and specialists who are to face greater and larger-scale challenges in future. The close-knit team of ambitious and result-geared professionals is the formula for success in any hardest and most-complicated business.

Let me thank all our clients and partners for cooperation and for their trust and confidence in the NS Bank. We wish you further success and prosperity and are ready to do our best to make our partnership remain efficient and mutually profitable.

Yury Petrov
President, Chairman of the Board of Directors

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